diyadmin – DIYDeskea.Com Desk Adjustment for Health Wed, 03 Jan 2018 12:04:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Here’s why Standing Desk Risers are a Smart Choice Sun, 12 Nov 2017 05:40:24 +0000 Sitting for long periods of time can prove to be harmful to your health. There are many types of research that have been conducted to show that sitting for long periods of times can have negative impacts on your health.

Varidesk standing deskWhile desk riser shelves and blocks can be used to tweak and adjust your desk height to improve posture, a very simple and innovate solution to this problem are the standing desks. These desks can change from sitting to standing desks in few swift moments. They come in varying styles too some may be designed to look like raised tables while others may look like they are floating in the air. Whatever their design or style maybe they serve a common purpose of reducing the amount of time spent sitting.

Some of the advantages of standing desks include:

Reducing obesity

This may be the most obvious and most beneficial advantage of using a standing desk; you can burn countless amounts of calories in a day. Exercise is an effective method of doing so but unlike exercising by standing you are burning calories.

Standing desks also provide you with the opportunity of losing weight by putting in the minimal effort as you do your work. They can also be very effective if you want to lose weight but just cannot find the time to exercise.

Better Posture

Standing desks are a great way to improve your posture the trick here is to set it up in the correct way. Which is by setting up your computer screen just above the resting eye level, so you have to slightly look up to see it. What this does is reduces the strain on your eyes while keeping you from slouching or hunching when you type. Thus strengthening your core strength and giving you a better posture. They are also very effective in reducing back pain.

Lower blood and sugar levels

A detrimental effect on your health is the increase in your blood sugar levels after meals. This can be extremely dangerous for those who have insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes.  A small study of 10 office workers proved that standing for around 3 hours after lunch reduced the blood sugar spike of the subjects by 43% when compared with workers who were sitting for the same time period. Hence, this proved that standing is more beneficial to your health than sitting for long periods of time.


Other than all the above-mentioned advantages of these desks there are many other advantages of standing desks. Like they can be extremely beneficial to people who have to stand most of the day as a part of their job they can have a desk that can cater to their needs. Since they are now made in various shapes and forms and can be expensive or cheap anyone in need of one should be able to afford it.

It may be a good idea to start slow and build your way up to the better quality of the standing desks it would also be a good idea to see what you require from your working desk. I.e. size and width wise, so you can purchase a desk accordingly as standing for long periods of time, is already not very comfortable so you may want to choose a desk that you are extremely comfortable with.

Why you need a Desk Riser Shelf Sat, 04 Nov 2017 12:43:20 +0000 desk riser shelfYou may have been thinking of raising your desk, for the sake of sitting in a more comfortable position, and all I can do is cheer you on. Studies have proven over and over that sitting upright while working can prevent a lot of pain and health issues. And these studies show that the best position is when the screen is at eye height, and often with a regular desk, it isn’t. A way to solve this is using a desk riser shelf, so let’s take a deep dive into the benefits of this desk riser shelf.

The desk riser shelf

desk riser shelf FitueyesA simple way to check if your monitor is at the right height is closing your eyes, opening them, and seeing where you land. You should stare directly at the address box, but when you’re using a regular desk, the chances are that you end up way above that. Then you need a desk riser, and a desk riser shelf can do just the trick. The desk riser shelf is a shelf that you place on top of your desk, and of top of this shelf your placer your monitor or laptop. And using a desk riser shelf has some more benefits in comparison to other options like buying a higher desk.

First of all, you don’t need to buy a new desk or modify your desk to achieve the desired results. All you need to do is put the shelf on top of your desk, and you can take it off whenever you want to as well, it’s quick and easy.

Another benefit is that you are in full control of the height of your desk. These desk riser shelves come in various heights, and it’s all up to you to choose which one is the most comfortable. And if you find that one height is too high or too low, then you simply purchase a new desk riser shelf.

The desk riser blocks

An alternative to using the desk riser shelf, is using desk riser blocks. When want to raise the entire desk instead of just your monitor or laptop, then this is what you need. You place these plastic or wooden blocks under your desk legs and then raise the entire desk one or two inches. Some desks even allow you to use multiple of these desk riser blocks to raise the desk even higher. They also have the benefit of being easy to put on and remove, and you can also control the height you want your desk to have.

DIY Ikea desks

The desk riser shelf is an amazing solution, but it’s not necessary when you make use of the DIY Ikea desks. If you’ve ever seen Ikea desks, then you have found that they are pretty much entirely customizable. You have low desks, standing desks, add-on units and what-not. If you go to the Ikea store you can create your own desk out of their options, and therefore create a desk with the ideal height for you. When you have your ideal desk, there is no need for a desk riser, a desk riser shelf or desk riser blocks. So, I would give it a thought, especially when you were already planning to buy yourself a new desk.

As we’ve mentioned, your desk probably needs to be higher than it currently is, and there are various ways of achieving that results. You can use a simple desk riser shelf to raise your monitor or laptop, you can use desk riser blocks to raise your entire desk or you can even customize your own DIY Ikea desk. It’s up to you which one you choose!

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Here’s how Desk Riser Blocks can help Sat, 04 Nov 2017 12:22:49 +0000 There are multiple good reasons for wanting to raise your desk, perhaps you want to make it into a standing desk? Or maybe you just want to make it more ergonomic. These are good reasons for raising your desk, and we have some solutions for this issue. There are multiple ways in which you can raise your desk, you can use desk riser blocks or desk riser shelves for example. So, let’s take a deeper look at these solutions and when you need to which one.

Desk riser blocks

desk riser blocksLet’s look at the first kind of desk riser. An easy and quick way to raise your entire desk is using desk riser blocks. These desk riser blocks are small blocks made of either wood or plastic and you can place them under the legs of your desk to raise the desk one or two inches. Multiple desk riser blocks can be placed under the desk, but it depends on the desk how many you can place under there safely. The advantage of using these blocks is that you don’t need to make any permanent changes to your desk, and you still get the benefit of having a higher desk. Another advantage of these desk riser blocks is that you can adjust the height of your desk in one to two-inch increments. You can add more or less of these desk riser blocks to achieve the ideal height for you. Now desk riser blocks are often a good solution when you want to raise your desk, but not all desks fit desk riser blocks, some legs don’t work with them. And in that case, we have an alternative solution.

The desk riser shelf

Another desk riser is the desk riser shelf. The desk riser shelf is the ideal solution when the legs of your desk and shaped in a way that desk riser blocks don’t fit under them. Desk riser shelves are shelves that you place on top of the desk to place your monitor and possibly also your keyboard and mouse on. When you want to use the desk as a standing desk, and therefore have a high desk riser shelf, then you want to place the entire installation on the desk riser shelf. But when you simply want to sit down in a more ergonomic friendly way then you want to have the monitor up higher than the keyboard and the mouse. An advantage of the desk riser shelf is that you once again don’t need to make any permanent adjustments to the desk, and even better, you can adjust your desk within seconds. This way you could transform your regular desk into a standing desk whenever you want to. Another advantage is that these desk riser shelves are available in various heights, so you are sure to find the one you need.

Desk riser Ikea

We all know where to get cheap good quality furniture, Ikea of course! And this makes Ikea also the place to find desk risers. In their assortment Ikea has various accessories, but not for heightening the laptop or monitor desks but to be used for multiple different purposes. So, a desk riser Ikea is a good item to buy if you want versatile and durable for little money. Now you can even buy a full-on standing desk at Ikea. But purchasing a regular desk ready for your adjustment actually catches two birds with one stone.

So, rising your desk is probably something good for your posture and overall health, so we would definitely recommend you give it a try. When you don’t have to look down at your screen, you’ll be cutting your neck some slack. And transforming your desk into standing desk kicks that sedentary lifestyle out and leaves you feeling more energized and concentrated. Therefore, we recommend you check out this desk riser options, desk riser blocks or a desk riser shelf to raise your desk and do your body a favor.

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Are there any Desk Riser from Ikea? Thu, 02 Nov 2017 03:55:55 +0000 desk riser ikea - modern ikea diyIf you were searching for a desk riser ikea, you must know that Ikea does not manufacture desk risers at this point. However, there are very good desk riser shelves and desk riser blocks available from other brands that are really good.

With regards to IKEA, it has been a crowd-pleaser in the furniture world for providing affordable, reliable, and brilliant furniture pieces. A good example is the IKEA desk, which has already made its way into many people’s homes. With its charming simple designs, and desks that complement most interior décor spaces, in no small part due to the varied color options buyers have at their disposal when buying ikea desks.

In typical IKEA style, these desks can be disassembled, and are very easy to put together. Many come with screws that will make the process of attaching the legs to the table top a lot easier. The holes are already drilled where they are required. So, all you have to do is to screw the parts together to create the desks. Once the desks are put together, they can take on quite a bit of weight depending which model you buy. Ikea desks come in various sizes. These desks are very light in weight. Cleaning is also pretty easy – all that is needed is a damp cloth and a moderately strong cleaner. From there, wiping the desk with a clean dry cloth will make the desk spotless clean.

In some of the desks, the top is made of fiberboard, and it is covered in acrylic paint. The frame consists of particleboard with paper filling. The desks offer a variety of color options. Black, white, and black-brown tops are available. These tops can be paired with white, black, silver, red, and blue legs.

The IKEA desks have few competitors within this space. These include the Furinno desks, and the Tribesigns desks. The Furinno desks are much cheaper than the IKEA alternative, but it is exclusively a computer desk, which disqualifies it for other uses. The IKEA desk is more versatile; and that justifies the price premium. The desk from Tribesigns is more similar in design to this IKEA desk. However, they may differ in quality and may not come in similar sizes. Unfortunately, this desk costs nearly twice as much as the IKEA alternative, which makes it a poor choice where the additional inches are not a critical issue to the buyer. Additionally, it does not offer as many color choices as the IKEA desk, which is worth considering for those whose interior décor is a priority as they shop for a desk.

Notable Features on this IKEA Desks are:

Affordability – The tables are very affordable in comparison to similar products. Therefore, users can expect to get great value for money when they decide to buy these products.

Versatility – Ikea desks are well suited to multiple uses. They can be used as a computer desk, or a desk that can fill many general roles.

Sturdiness – Although the desks are very easy to put together, they are very strong, with the capacity to support over 100 pounds of weight.

IKEA is now more than a popular brand for shoppers of household and office items, it is pretty part of our culture. This desk from the popular furniture brand honors this legacy through its sophisticated yet simplistic design, stability, multi-functionality, affordability, and many other great features. Even when contrasted with rival products, this IKEA desk is still a compelling option for people in need of a stable and reliable desk.

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