Desk Riser Blocks – DIYDeskea.Com Desk Adjustment for Health Wed, 03 Jan 2018 12:04:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Here’s how Desk Riser Blocks can help Sat, 04 Nov 2017 12:22:49 +0000 There are multiple good reasons for wanting to raise your desk, perhaps you want to make it into a standing desk? Or maybe you just want to make it more ergonomic. These are good reasons for raising your desk, and we have some solutions for this issue. There are multiple ways in which you can raise your desk, you can use desk riser blocks or desk riser shelves for example. So, let’s take a deeper look at these solutions and when you need to which one.

Desk riser blocks

desk riser blocksLet’s look at the first kind of desk riser. An easy and quick way to raise your entire desk is using desk riser blocks. These desk riser blocks are small blocks made of either wood or plastic and you can place them under the legs of your desk to raise the desk one or two inches. Multiple desk riser blocks can be placed under the desk, but it depends on the desk how many you can place under there safely. The advantage of using these blocks is that you don’t need to make any permanent changes to your desk, and you still get the benefit of having a higher desk. Another advantage of these desk riser blocks is that you can adjust the height of your desk in one to two-inch increments. You can add more or less of these desk riser blocks to achieve the ideal height for you. Now desk riser blocks are often a good solution when you want to raise your desk, but not all desks fit desk riser blocks, some legs don’t work with them. And in that case, we have an alternative solution.

The desk riser shelf

Another desk riser is the desk riser shelf. The desk riser shelf is the ideal solution when the legs of your desk and shaped in a way that desk riser blocks don’t fit under them. Desk riser shelves are shelves that you place on top of the desk to place your monitor and possibly also your keyboard and mouse on. When you want to use the desk as a standing desk, and therefore have a high desk riser shelf, then you want to place the entire installation on the desk riser shelf. But when you simply want to sit down in a more ergonomic friendly way then you want to have the monitor up higher than the keyboard and the mouse. An advantage of the desk riser shelf is that you once again don’t need to make any permanent adjustments to the desk, and even better, you can adjust your desk within seconds. This way you could transform your regular desk into a standing desk whenever you want to. Another advantage is that these desk riser shelves are available in various heights, so you are sure to find the one you need.

Desk riser Ikea

We all know where to get cheap good quality furniture, Ikea of course! And this makes Ikea also the place to find desk risers. In their assortment Ikea has various accessories, but not for heightening the laptop or monitor desks but to be used for multiple different purposes. So, a desk riser Ikea is a good item to buy if you want versatile and durable for little money. Now you can even buy a full-on standing desk at Ikea. But purchasing a regular desk ready for your adjustment actually catches two birds with one stone.

So, rising your desk is probably something good for your posture and overall health, so we would definitely recommend you give it a try. When you don’t have to look down at your screen, you’ll be cutting your neck some slack. And transforming your desk into standing desk kicks that sedentary lifestyle out and leaves you feeling more energized and concentrated. Therefore, we recommend you check out this desk riser options, desk riser blocks or a desk riser shelf to raise your desk and do your body a favor.

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